Craft and deploy your company's strategic story.


What I do.


You’re excited about your business.
I help you make the world excited.  


By working with you and your team to craft a crisp and compelling strategic narrative that resonates emotionally. Then I work closely with you to ensure your company and product story is aligned across your product, marketing, sales, fundraising and recruiting efforts. 

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
— Albert Einstein

What you get.


Core positioning and messaging that captures market attention, increases your win rate, builds loyalty and helps you raise capital. Company and product presentations that reveal your truth, inform your brand and power your content marketing strategy.

And one more thing...

Your team acquires the skills to pitch and persuade through strategic storytelling.

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For two decades, I've worked with teams backed by top venture firms.


What I learned from 20 years of strategic storytelling.
5 key lessons from working with 40+ companies.


Why me.


I’ve been there. I’ve built 4 startups, 2 investment firms and 3 agencies.
I’ve seen what works.  

I have a kinship with intrepid souls who dream big while others think small.  I work quickly, usually within 30 days, because time and capital are precious.

Show up, talk less and do more.
I'm Alexis Kopikis.


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