Get Unlimited Brand Marketing for a Fixed Monthly Fee.

Replace costly hires, unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies with a Brand Marketing Subscription.

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Make the world excited about your business, without breaking the bank.

It’s a Brand Marketing subscription for your startup.

Capture the market’s attention, increase sales, build loyalty and raise capital.

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You get:

It's simple

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Subscribe to a plan and request as much messaging, content and presentations as you’d like.

Get your requests delivered one at a time, typically within 48 hours during weekdays.

We’ll revise it until you’re 100% satisfied before starting your next request.

Just need a pitch deck?

Get your pitch deck Alexified for $2,500.

We’ve helped 100+ companies raise over $1B from top venture firms.

And earn millions in new business.

We’ll meet to review your vision and
create a new 10-15 slide deck that will tell investors:

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  • Why the world needs you
  • What problem you solve
  • Why you are the best to do it
  • How you are unique
  • Who cares and why
  • How you become a unicorn

Goodbye meetings,

hello efficiency.

Hate Meetings? So Do We.

We all have work to do. We’ll start with an intro call and after that Alexify requires no meetings at all.

Manage Everything on Trello
Add as many requests to our Trello board, and we’ll work to deliver them one by one according to your priorities.

Pause or Cancel Anytime
Pause anytime so you’re only paying when there’s work to be done.

It’s better than hiring full-time or working with an expensive agency.



”Alexis has a way of seeing your vision and helping to distill it to make people ‘feel it’. It’s a unique skill for founders dreaming big.”
Eddie Martucci
Founder, CEO Akili
“Alexis is the most creative venture storyteller I’ve ever met. What he does with startups is truly magical.”
Tom O’Keefe
Former Creative Director, Evite
”Alexis is the most talented person I know at distilling complexity into simplicity.”
Eduardo Rallo
General Partner, Brainstorm Ventures
“My investor at Accel told me our deck Alexis created was the best deck he’d ever seen.”
Chuck Goldman
Founder CEO Apperian
“Alexis is uniquely talented at making the world give a shit about your startup as much as you do.”
Greg Larkin
CEO Punks and Pinstripes
“Alexis is hands down the best venture storyteller I know.”
Ariel Jaduszliwer
General Partner, Brainstorm Ventures
“Working with Alexis is the biggest ROI a startup can experience.”
Bret Siarkowski
Partner, MedScience Ventures
“Bottom line, work with Alexis, raise your Series A.”
Mouli Ramani
Founder, CEO Horsepower
“Our new story got our value prop across much faster, getting people excited about what we do.”
Tamer Morsy
Founder CEO SpotlightNews

Who Are We?

It might surprise you, but Alexify is an agency of one. This means you’ll work directly with me, the founder of Alexify. Why me? I’ve been there. I’ve founded 4 startups, 2 investment firms and 3 agencies. I’ve seen what works and know time is of the essence. I work quickly and my friends are often the investors you’re looking for.

Ten years ago, my son was diagnosed with Fragile X and Autism, so I changed my life to work remotely with a handful of amazing teams.

My motto: Show up. Talk less. Do more.


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in days

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Pause or cancel anytime

Save $500/month





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One flat monthly fee. No hourly rates or surprises.

Is Alexify for you?

I designed Alexify to help entrepreneurs who need fast,

reliable and high-quality brand and marketing work done

without breaking the bank.

It’s everything I wish was available

when I created my own companies.

I’ve helped 100+ teams (like yours) build their brand, raise their capital and market their products. I’d love for you to give it a try.

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Why not just hire a person for Marketing?


Eventually you might, but they are expensive. You’re talking about $150-200K plus benefits and you need one much faster than you can find a good one available. Also, you have to pay them even when there is not as much to do. With Alexify, you get top quality immediately and pay only for what you need at a fraction of the cost.

Is it really unlimited requests?


You can request as much as you’d like. I will deliver them one by one. Most requests take about 48 hours, but sometimes more complex requests can take longer.

How do I make my requests?


I’ve tried every method and the easiest I’ve found is Trello. You can send me requests by any means, but we’ll manage them on a simple Trello board to prioritize and clearly see what’s next, what’s in progress, and what has been completed.

What if I don’t like a deliverable?


I’ll continue to revise it until you’re 100% satisfied.

What if I only need one thing?


Great question. You can pause your subscription when we finish one thing and you can use the rest of your subscription only when you have work. If all you need is a pitch deck, I can do that for $2,500.

Can I get a refund?


Since what I do is high-quality value and work, there are no refunds.

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